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Erika WilliamsonWho is Small Biz TLC?
I’m Erika Williamson, owner of Small Biz TLC. I’ve been developing Access databases for ten years and bring my experience, creativity, and commitment to every project I do.  I look forward to hearing from you and am eager to answer any questions you might have on the way to getting started on a great Access database.

Why Access?
I focus exclusively on MS Access because it is a powerful and flexible tool that dovetails with the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite that you use on a daily basis.  MS Access can collect your data, organize it into manageable sections, help you analyze your data or clientele, produce reports that condense information down into useful chunks, and improve your mailings and marketing.  It can be completely customized for you and your company’s computer users.

MS Access is just the right size (and price!) for most small businesses.  It is relatively easy to learn if you have basic computer skills, and it works well with Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Windows programs.

I do not sell MS Access. You must have your own Access software before you hire Small Biz TLC.  I also do not use other database programs like FileMaker, FoxPro, or SQL.  Access is PC-based.

How Much Will It Cost?
In order to tell you how much it will cost to build your database, I need to know the scope of your project. So e-mail me at hello @ smallbiztlc dot com to start this conversation.  A MS Access database can pay for itself in a short time, through improved productivity and reduced errors.

Our Fee Structure
Free initial consultation by phone, with free follow-up e-mails. $125 per hour of development time, including design, meetings, e-mails, and phone time. 3 free hours of on-site setup and training or phone training to launch the project. 30 days of post-live support, no extra charge.

Typical Project Schedule
First, we start with conversations about what your organization does and how a database could help. We can meet at your work site or speak via phone and e-mail.

Then comes planning. I will work to fully understand the entire scope and requirements of the database project, including all reports desired, how many users there will be, and other specifications.

Next, I’ll draw up a project spec and contract, and develop an invoicing plan that works for your organization. I also create a project management calendar that will include several testing periods along the way. While the project is underway, I will be in frequent contact with you to make sure the database work is on target.

Once the specifications in the contract are delivered, final payment is due. I will provide free tutorial and in-office setup if desired. I provide 30 days of post-live support at no extra charge, during which we can make small changes and enhancements.  If new additions are desired, you’ll be billed on an hourly basis or we can develop a new contract for significant new features.

How Long Will It Take?
Of course, this varies greatly depending on the project. Because I like to build in plenty of testing time before the database “goes live,” I usually schedule at least 2 or 3 months for a project.  Larger systems will take longer, but simple requests can be accomplished in a much shorter time.

What Else Do You Need To Know?
If you are wondering whether Small Biz TLC will be a good match for your company, go ahead and e-mail me to find out.

Small Biz TLC is located in Hillsborough, NC, between Chapel Hill and Durham. We serve both a regional and national clientele. If you are located outside the Raleigh-Durham area, we can easily conduct business via phone, Skype and e-mail.

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