How do I know if an Access database is right for me? Great question! Ask yourself this:

Does your organization work with clients, consumers, or customers? You can use a database to maintain accurate records on their contact information, history with your organization, sales records, contact notes, etc.

Are you trying to go “paperless”? You can use a database or information management system to keep electronic records and create an electronic filing system with secure, regular backups.

Does your work require regular reporting, such as quarterly or annually? A database can produce custom reports showing any or all information that you have collected, sorted and analyzed according to your audience’s needs.

Do you have a merchant or retail business? Databases can easily store and track order histories, shipping records, inventory, payment records, and other record-keeping necessities for your business.

Do you need a way to consolidate and organize your mailings, whether paper or e-mail? A database system can maintain up-to-date contact information and use that info to customize snail or electronic mass mailings and other marketing pieces.

Would you like a way to personalize your document production or letter-writing? If you have numerous forms and letters that your clients or customers receive regularly, you can use Access to produce personalized, professional looking documents.

Are you working on a project that requires constant updates and maintenance, such as research, equipment maintenance, grant-writing, etc.? You can store all your tasks, events, updates, and notes in a database and have crisp, clean reports generated showing the most up-to-date data.

Have you been using multiple Excel spreadsheets to keep up with your records? Have you noticed that it’s hard to keep those spreadsheets accurate and up-to-date, especially with multiple users? Access is the logical “upgrade” from recordkeeping in Excel.  It adds greater functionality and security.

Long story short, Access will enhance your day-to-day work processes by consolidating and organizing everything you do into one well-planned body of information.  Small Biz TLC will first observe the systems you already have in place and then build an Access tool to streamline your workflow.

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